Shine, mama

Empowering mamas to shine with the light of Christ by

Sparking Growth | Kindling Purpose | Igniting Authentic Community

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization (501c3) called to serve mamas in your local community.

We launched in March 2020 as the world began to shut down and our primary mission was to do. We knew moms needed support and supplies as they faced a mighty challenge to educate their children from home. In 2020, we provided families with educational games, toys, and a multitude of art supplies.

Today, our primary mission continues to be refined, and so, we are pausing most of our programs. One thing, however, remains a priority:

We are igniting authentic community.

We will continue providing small group opportunities in order to welcome moms into an authentic, vulnerable, and safe community. The beautiful thing about a small group is that we can spark growth, kindle purpose, and ignite authentic community all in one space.

This journey of motherhood is life-long, filled with hills, valleys, mountain peaks and a whole lot of messy terrain. We want to walk alongside you, so lets take this journey together. It is just too hard to do alone.


To connect mamas to Christ by restoring authentic motherhood communities.


We empower mamas to shine with the light of Christ by sparking growth, kindling purpose, and igniting authentic community.

Be Bold. Shine Bright.

Join our Be Bold. Shine Bright giving campaign for 2021. Our bold goal for 2021 is to help 100 or more moms and raise recurring-monthly-donations of $5,000 per month by August.

With your help, we can show bold faith and help moms shine bright with the light of Christ.

But you must bring light into this dark place, like stars that shine in the night. Tell people the true message that can give them life with God.

– Philippians 2:15-16