Shine, mama

Helping mamas shine with the light of Christ by

Sparking Growth | Igniting Purpose | Kindling Community

Sparking Growth

Our small groups are faith-based to spark personal and spiritual growth at a place where she is loved and accepted right where she is.

We help mamas grow in a safe and loving environment.

Igniting Purpose

Every mama was created with purpose for a purpose. We are all equipped with unique talents and gifts. And we are all called to love.

We help mamas discover how she is uniquely called to love others.

Kindling Community

We live in a broken world and mamas are in need of real relationships. We yearn for a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

We help mamas find authentic friendships that support and encourage.

Be Bold. Shine Bright.

Join our Be Bold. Shine Bright giving campaign for 2021. Our bold goal for 2021 is to help 100 or more moms and raise recurring-monthly-donations of $5,000 per month by August.

With your help, we can show bold faith and help moms shine bright with the light of Christ.


To rebuild the deserted ruins of our cities and be a restorer of homes [Isaiah 58:12] through the reconciliation of mamas to Christ.


We help mamas shine with the light of Christ by sparking growth, igniting purpose, and kindling community.


Moms are tremendously valuable to their families and community. Healthy, happy, shining moms foster healthy homes and happy children, uplifting hearts for generations to come. For each mom to truly shine, she must be filled with a supernatural light that only comes from Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. We work with moms of all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs to:

  • Spark Growth by providing safe and sacred small groups in which moms can share vulnerably and be accepted just as they are. We use faith-based materials to encourage moms to seek growth through deep relationships, grace, and restoration. We also work with moms individually to encourage a deeper connection with the Holy Trinity.

  • Ignite Purpose by encouraging moms to give back to her community. We host service projects and partner with other nonprofits to support moms and families in our local neighborhoods. We also encourage leadership development within our organization to inspire and empower moms.

  • Kindle Community by hosting events for moms to gather in larger community groups to form mutual connections within their own city or town. Our events encourage participation from moms who are ethnically, culturally, and financially diverse in order to nurture a whole and holistic community.

But you must bring light into this dark place, like stars that shine in the night. Tell people the true message that can give them life with God.

– Philippians 2:15-16