Your donation directly impacts moms in our community by ensuring our programs are free, warm, welcoming, and impactful.

We are changing lives and restoring homes with your help!

50|40|30 Campaign

Our 30 day countdown has begun! Our goal?

50 mamas encouraged through a blessing box

40 dollars per box

30 days to complete our goal (by August 14!)

We are gifting 50 blessing boxes PACKED with love and encouragement to Safe Families for Children of Indianapolis to provide to their volunteer mamas. These moms host children whose parents are going through a crisis. These moms open their homes and their hearts to love and support a child when their own parents aren't able.

This campaign is hosted through Facebook only.

For more information on the blessing boxes and how you can help create one, go to

Be Bold. Shine Bright

God is calling us into deep waters. It is scary going into the unknown, but with God's help, we will follow where He takes this organization. So, can we make a bold proclamation?

Shine, mama has a goal of helping 100 moms in 2021 and raising $5,000 in recurring-monthly-donations by August. It may sound crazy, especially since we raised just under $1,000 for the entire year of 2020. But I know God is miraculous, He is faithful, and He is a provider!

We are launching our Be Bold. Shine Bright giving campaign to catapult this ministry into 2021. We are proclaiming bold faith in order to help moms shine bright. With your help, this vision will become reality. If you are so led, if God had placed giving on your heart for 2021, start with us. We encourage a monthly donation of any amount. Five dollars, Ten, $100, $1,000. Your contribution matters and it will be used boldly to help moms shine with the light of Christ.

With a donation of $25/month or more, we will send you our Be Bold. Shine Bright T-shirt!

Your Generosity At Work

Are you curious to know how your donation helps moms in our communities?

A large portion of donations are used in our quarterly outreach projects. Being a mom is often a thankless job. We provide encouraging gifts to moms in need in our community. Check out our purpose page to see how we are making a difference.

Our small groups offer a safe and sacred place for moms to gather and be their authentic selves. As we share more of who we really are, and are affirmed in our God-given identities, we heal and grow. Your donations are used to provide materials for these groups and help create a space that is warm and welcoming. Our small group opportunities can be found on our growth page.

As the world begins to open up, we are ramping up our efforts to safely gather together. Our events are focused on helping moms who may be suffering alone, as noted on our community page. Your donation helps us host larger events in a safe way by ensuring cleaning and sanitizing efforts are maximized, procuring space that is adequately sized for each gathering, and offering refreshments in a personalized way.

Other Ways to Support Shine, mama

If you are unable to donate at this time we ask you support Shine, mama, Inc.’s mission in one or more of the following ways:

  • Spread the word: As you talk with family and friends, share the mission of this organization. The highest return on engagement is through personal invitation.

  • Social media: like our Facebook page, comment on our posts, and engage regularly.

  • Volunteer: Find ways to serve moms in our community by visiting our Purpose page. We also have several volunteer positions available to lead in our organization.

  • Partner: If you have a personal business, consider partnering with us. Work for a company or church? Connect us with your leadership team for more partnership opportunities.

  • Donate through